Hello, My name is Ashley (Ladie [lady] to my mom and uncle).

I began cooking at a young age alongside my mom in the kitchen. By late elementary school my brother and I were responsible for meal planning and preparation for our family at least once a week. While I love cooking and experimenting, baking is a passion of mine. I started as a child like most, with frozen logs of cookie dough, boxed brownies and cakes. In sixth grade I started baking from scratch and that is when I discovered the difference between tsp(t) and tbsp(T). After all, this is when my first batch of scratch chocolate cupcakes bubbled over in my mom's oven and tasted purely of salt. That was one disastrous mess I will never forget!!! Several years later and countless experiments under my apron, my goodies are now available to the masses.


Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to hearing from you soon.